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Monday, 1 October 2012

All You Have To Do is Ask...

I am amazed every day at how willing people are when you ask them for help.

Part of what I am trying to do for the C95 Radio Marathon is find people who are willing to use their time and connections to organize fundraisers in their own communities.  I know everyone is so busy with work and school and their own valuable causes.

That's why it touches my heart when people give of themselves so freely.

I sent some emails and Facebook messages out to friends, asking them to consider doing this kind of thing for the Radio Marathon.  I've had so many positive responses -- I just want to hug each one of those people!  (I guess that is one thing that Facebook cannot do yet...virtual hugs.)

My kids' school jumped right in.  Two of the staff members organized a student committee to plan an entire week of fundraising.  Their Pink Week kick off is today -- and Shauna, Rob and Sheri are coming out to take part.  I don't know much (Renee has been keeping things a secret so that I am somewhat surprised when I get there) but I have heard snippets of a choreographed dance and loud, pumped up music.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Another friend of mine (cousin of ours, actually) jumped in and planned a huge steak night in just a few hours.  Her enthusiasm is so inspiring!

I also mentioned it offhand to Renee's violin teacher, a talented young Saskatoon artist named Veronique Poulin.  She has organized a benefit concert at Lydia's pub, featuring 15 female singer/songwriters from Saskatoon.  They are all donating their time and income for the night to the Radio Marathon.  They are calling it the Breast Benefit Ever -- and I can hardly wait!

You see, I experience situations like this and I think how awesome it is that I am surrounded by people who are so giving and supportive.  All I have to do is ask and there is always someone somewhere saying: "Yes!  I will help you!"  I feel so incredibly blessed.

It inspires me to say yes too.  This week, I asked Vanessa at C95 what kinds of things needed to get done for the Radio Marathon.  My answer?  Shoelaces.


You betcha.  Shoelaces.  C95 is selling them for $3 a pair and all the proceeds go, of course, to the Radio Marathon.  I said...sure!  How many can there be?  My kids can help and I can help.  No problem!

Well, this is what 4000 shoelaces look like...

Everyone helped.  My friend Cari and her kids came to my mom's after school on Friday and helped.  We wrapped and tied and packed and bagged 2000 pairs of shoelaces...

 Even my dad pitched in. :)  (I think he wanted to get the table cleared off so we could play cards!  LOL)

And this is what two goofy boys do when allowed to help...they always make us laugh these two!

But we did it!  I have a trunk FULL of pink shoelaces, ready to be delivered back to C95.   It's $6000 just waiting to be raised.

I was glad Vanessa mentioned it, so that we could help.  I really want to teach my kids that saying yes to things like this should be natural.  We should always look for opportunities to share what we have and what we know to benefit others.

And, isn't it awesome that all you have to do is ask!

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